Understanding what it means to be busy, whether at work, travelling, or otherwise, has been a massive influence when it comes to how we set out what we do. We understood that if you’re working long hours and putting in the work at the gym, you might not have the time nor the motivation to put in to researching what supplements are right for what you want to achieve. That’s where we come in, by taking away the guesswork which surrounds sports nutrition and providing a monthly supplement subscription box with everything you need in order to aid your specific health and fitness goals.

Today at Elite Global Nutrition we feel as though many of the mainstream supplement companies are simply coming up short. With a combination of watered down products and so called ‘athletes’ deceiving consumers into thinking they can look like them despite their clear use of performance enhancing drugs, we decided enough was enough. We believe that health and fitness should be simple, enjoyable, affordable, and most importantly achievable, which is why we’re here today.


All of EGN’s Subscription boxes are aimed at helping people get to where they want to be, whether it be fitness or otherwise, by offering a month’s supply of 5 specifically chosen and scientifically proven products. Our motto ‘Your Goals in Mind’ gives a clear indication of how we work. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to Health, Fitness and Sports Nutrition, or a complete beginner, EGN can provide that extra cutting edge you need to push on and reach your goals.

Elite Global Nutrition are 100% committed to providing the best quality of product to our customer. We have gone to great lengths to ensure we provide the best quality of product to our customer and as an example you won’t find any less than 80% Protein content in our protein powders in each of our subscription boxes; something that is simply unmatched by rivals. We offer our customers excellent value for money without compromising on quality, emphasised further by our pledge to offer free next day delivery on all of our subscription boxes.

The three boxes offered are the Strength and Size box, The Sports Performance and Endurance box and finally the Weight Loss and Well Being box. Whilst each box has been expertly reviewed and each supplement handpicked to suit, all of these options can be configured and tailored to an individual’s goal further with the option to create a bespoke box, once again showing the lengths we go to to ensure that we are aiding our customers goals.

Here at EGN we’re committed to innovating and breaking the norms. We won’t ever settle for second best and we welcome constructive feedback from all of our customers as to what they’d like to see next. One other aspect alongside our subscriptions that is unique to Elite Global Nutrition comes from our knowledge of the struggles of being unable to take your supplements on the go. In order to combat this many of our powdered products are in handy seven serving pouches, making them ideal if you’re taking your protein.

“It’s truly taken time to create the best supplement subscription service for our customers. EGN are dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements for outstanding value for money”
Luke Hoey, Founder